VIDEO – Why Talk about Relationships?

I’ll be posting a video as often as I can that are just a few minutes each. This first video is an introduction. It is my first crack at videos – so go easy on me!

I’d love to hear your ideas for future videos – post a comment or reply below or send me an email to


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Dan lives in Roseville, California with his wife, Tania and they have two daughters, Margaux (married), Miriam, a grandson and three dogs. Dan has 20-plus years of business and ministry experience, which includes positions in banking, research, orthodontic practices, churches, faith-based not-for-profits and owning his own business. He has a Masters in Business Administration from Kaplan University and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the School of Business at Kaplan assisting in Strategic Planning and the overall health of the School of Business. He is also a mobile advanced trainer for The Leadership Training Institute. For the last ten years, Dan has worked with businesses and not-for-profits of all sizes. He has an unquenchable desire to see local businesses and churches maximize their potential in their communities through those who lead and work in those organizations. View all posts by lostartofrelationship

One response to “VIDEO – Why Talk about Relationships?

  • myadviceforyourlife

    I agree we are made for relationships because we were built to serve each other as helpers. Whether it’s being a best friend and providing a shoulder, a spouse and providing love and stability, or a parent, providing comfort and safety. There’s no greater feeling in the world than the feeling of being loved. Knowing that someone is excited to see you when you get home, and/or will be a constant comfort to you when you’re hurting. It means you’re never alone and I think that’s one of our biggest fears as humans; being alone.. great video and info

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