About Dan Chrystal

About the Author and the Sophos Group

Dan Chrystal is an avid student of relationship. With over twenty-three years of ministry and relationship experience, Dan serves as one of the pastors at Bayside Church under the dynamic leadership of founding pastor, Ray Johnston. He is on Bayside’s Thrive leadership team, a growing conference that reaches thousands of leaders every year, where he oversees sponsorship acquisition and curating church relationships.

Dan is a vibrant speaker and a dedicated life, career, and couple’s coach. He is the owner of The Sophos Group, a coaching and consulting firm, and he also oversees the business side of his wife’s corporation. He holds an MBA in executive leadership from Kaplan University (now Purdue Global University) and is currently studying law at Concord Law School.

His extensive ministry background has taken him all over the country, and he has served in varying capacities, including Lead Pastor, Administrative Pastor, Associate Pastor, Worship Leader, and Youth Pastor. He has lived in Baltimore, near Philadelphia, inner-city New Jersey, Central Coast California, Los Angeles, and now Northern California. In each place, Dan has developed deep and meaningful relationships with many people.

A champion for connecting people, relationships are at the core of who he is. It is not uncommon to find him spending time with others at coffee shops, restaurants, offices, or at his home getting to know as many people as his schedule allows.

His passion, mission, and purpose are to pass along what he has learned about relationship from key people in his life, helping others understand and put into practice what “loving their neighbors as themselves” truly means.

Dan and his wife, Tania, live in Lincoln, California. Together they have two daughters, two grandchildren, three dogs, and a full life! Connect with Dan through email at thesophosgroup@gmail.com.

“Choose a good reputation over great riches.” Proverbs 22:1


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